Milanorganica is a green guide to everything that is needed for your stay in Milan: accommodation, meals, sights and shopping. Itineraries guide you around the city in a sustainable way, allowing you to discover less mainstream bits of the city too.

Milanorganica is different from regular city guides, since all structures abide to our sustainability standards. We only list hotels, restaurants and shops that are making genuine effort toward a better, greener and fairer world. At the same time, it is not like your standard automated "green tourism" directory: all structures are hand picked by our human editors. Not only they are truly green, but they are also chosen on the basis of their quality and beauty.

It is a startup aimed at improving tourism in our city, by pursuing two main targets: tourism should be more sustainable - both environmentally and ethically - and more personal.

Milan has not emerged as one of the main Italian tourist destinations in the past, and travellers often spend in the city one or two days at most, frequently just for business. Nowadays this is changing, and together with the effects of Expo 2015, the attractiveness of the city has been increasing steadily. At the same time, in the past few years the city took a path toward sustainability, both as a municipal policy and for spontaneous initiatives: more and more sustainable options have appeared, but they are often little known to the casual visitor. We want to change this, and make all these options easily available to responsible visitors of this beautiful city.

If you own or know any business that fulfills some of our requirements please contact us at info@milanorganica.com


Milanorganica was founded in June 2015 by two former economics students, Giacomo Salvatori and Andrea Melazzini. We worked on this project in our free time, and we chose to carry on with this project because we believe that our city, in the year of Expo, deserves a well-made guide that can help people discover that Milan isn’t as bad as it is often said. Most of all, we wanted to show that Milan is a responsible city which is able to respond to the challenge of sustainability.

You can contact us at info@milanorganica.com, or at giacomo@milanorganica.com and andrea@milanorganica.com


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